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A proactive approach compared with a reactive approach to maintaining equipment benefits you in at least five ways.

Today’s work world sees many manufacturers making more IoT (Internet Of Things) choices regarding their maintenance repair and operations (MRO) processes. Companies run more profitably with a proactive approach vs a reactive approach to equipment care.

Typically, business sees MRO activities as a necessary expense. However, now that more manufacturers use technology and strategy in MRO, they see how MRO drives value. IoT sensors and cloud-based analytics programs help optimize maintenance and predict failures. See the value in taking a proactive approach to maintaining equipment?

Proactive Approach Benefits

A proactive approach to maintaining equipment benefits you in at least the following 20 ways. Maintaining efficiently working machinerybegins by useful data gained from 24/7 monitoring:

1. Saves time
2. Saves money
3. Reduces worker frustration
4. Improves worker loyalty
5. Lengthens or extends uptime
6. Reduces time-stealing people problems for managers
7. Generally, improves productivity
8. Can extend/prolong useful/beneficial equipment life span
9. Decreases the need to unexpectedly replace equipment
10. Enhances equipment efficiency run time
11. Lowers equipment power expenses
12. Reduces employee replacement costs due to high employee turnover rate due to workplace dissatisfaction
13. Can enhance customer service – with less unplanned maintenance, customer service agents can respond faster to new problems
14. Can directly affect workplace safety by preventing/reducing unexpected equipment breakdowns
15. Can contribute to job satisfaction –availability of efficient and properly working equipment to do one’s job shows employer respect for employees
16. Can be a factor in employees contributing to positive company reputation which can lead to more sales
17. Improves employee retention rate - employees feel cared about in their job when you limit equipment down time
18. Can positively affect pilfering/prevention loss because employees feel respected and cared about when they have equipment to do their jobs well
19. Can contribute to workplace compatibility which directly affects reduced employee illness, employee retention rates, less work days missed
20. Keeps your company up-to-date and more competitive by participating in the IoT technology

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