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How does a company consistently find good, new business opportunities? As The Grimes Companies found out, sometimes growing your business takes a little thinking outside of the box. Instead of relying solely on the sales team to scout new leads and business opportunities, the logistics company decided to harness the power of its large and knowledgeable workforce. Grimes internal corporate sales initiative leader program


Cleverly called the Grimes LEADer program, the company’s 2016 sales initiative presents every Grimes employee with the opportunity to get involved and play more of a leadership role by actively participating in the company’s growth. How? By identifying and bringing in new sales leads and opportunities.

“We realized that we have a great staff that interacts with potential clients and customers every day,” said Bill Dorazio, the VP of Sales at the Grimes Companies. “The Grimes LEADer program encourages employees to take more of a leadership role by staying alert for opportunities on and off the job.”


So how does the LEADer program work? To participate, all an employee has to do is provide some basic information about their sales lead via a short form available through the Grimes Companies website. The information is passed on to the Grimes sales department who immediately move on the opportunity and determine whether it can result in real business for the company.


But Grimes doesn’t expect its employees to go through the trouble of finding new sales leads for nothing. Grimes will pay an employee a $20 bonus for a lead that results in a sale and $100 if a lead becomes a new, ongoing business relationship for the company.

Even submissions that don’t result in new business for Grimes may pay off for the employees who submit them. At the end of each quarter, the name of every team member who submitted a lead will be entered into a drawing with the chance to win the special prize announced at the beginning of the quarter.


But how do you find leads? To participate in the LEADer program, Dorazio recommends employees use an all-inclusive approach. “Did the truck that picked up our client’s freight have the Grimes ‘G’ on the side? If it didn’t then that’s an opportunity. Submit the lead!”

Finding new sales leads for Grimes is not as limited as it is for some companies. With six divisions, the logistics company is always looking for new clients for their trucking, warehousing, packaging, freight brokerage and staffing services. Working for a company that offers such a broad range of logistics services means there are always a lot of new sales leads to be found.


The Grimes LEADer program kicked off in February 2016, but even after just a few weeks the new sales initiative has resulted in several new leads and even new business for the Grimes Companies.

Janet Lawson, the Shipping/Receiving Coordinator in Grimes Warehousing, submitted a lead that ultimately secured a new transportation customer for the company.

When a customer who brought a load in to the warehouse was unable to find a carrier to deliver it to its final destination, Lawson jumped on the opportunity, telling him about Grimes Trucking Company and then referring him to dispatch. Grimes Trucking was able to help the customer deliver not only that load, but also an additional load later on.

The Grimes Companies: Best Places to Work

For Lawson, the new Grimes LEADer program has given her a chance to be acknowledged for something she has tried to do throughout her almost 15-year employment at The Grimes Companies: looking for and bringing in new business. “It is great we are now being recognized,” said Lawson.

Lawson’s hard work is paying off. Not only did she receive a bonus for her lead, but Lawson was also the lucky winner in the first quarterly drawing of the Grimes LEADer program, winning a new Amazon Kindle and a $50 Amazon gift card. LeAnn Smith, a Metrix Staffing employee, won the second quarterly drawing, winning a paid day off and a gift card for a free dinner and a movie.

Grimes Companies: Best Places to Work in Jacksonville, FL

The new LEADer program helps bring in new business for the Grimes Companies and is a fun and creative way for employees to get more involved and take more of an active role in the industry in which they work. The Grimes Companies is well aware that having enthusiastic employees willing to go above and beyond is key to keeping “Grimes in motion,” the company’s internal motivational motto for 2016. As Dorazio said, “It all starts with you!”

Who will be the next Grimes LEADer in 2016?

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