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Technology is constantly changing every aspect of our lives, and logistics are changing right along with it. Here are a few of the newest advances being introduced:

Driverless Trucks
With corporations like Apple, Google, and Daimler-Benz pushing technology, driverless trucks are well on their way to a highway near you. The driver shortage may be a thing of the past when these trucks are readily available. The hope is that the driverless technology will increase safety, reduce error, and increase efficiency as they won’t be held to the limited driving hour regulations. While liability and social barriers may slow the process, technology has a lot to offer the future of transportation automation.

Autonomous Shipping
In 2018, the Yara Birkeland, an electric-powered ship carrying 100 to 150 containers will be making its way along a 37-mile route in southern Norway. While an electric ship is special, the unique feature is that by 2020 this ship will be crewless. While the cost to build the ship is about three times that of a traditional ship, it will save up to 90% in annual operating costs. The impact on the global shipping industry could be substantial as technology allows the building of bigger ships that can handle longer routes.

Used by Bitcoin, blockchain offers many benefits over traditional databases. Blockchains are ledgers that accept inputs from numerous parties, and can only be changed when there is consensus among the group. They are more secure than traditional centralized data sources, and offer increased transparency and efficiency in services such as product tracking, sales, and financial transactions. IBM is testing the technology to link supply chain managers, freight forwarders, other ocean carriers, ports, and Customs authorities.

Augmented Reality
A new option in warehousing and logistics is producing an unprecedented 46% increase in performance for General Electric. Smart glasses increase warehouse workers’ efficiency by freeing their hands of lists and picking instructions, and allowing them to work more comfortably and safely. The use of augmented reality smart glasses is expected to expand beyond picking to include maintenance, training, and navigation. It is estimated that revenues from smart glasses used in logistics will be more than $4 billion by 2022.

Every aspect of logistics is being impacted by advancing technologies, it will be interesting to see the affects of each on business in the future.

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