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Logistics Customer Service Experience

Delivering Quality

Every step of logistics needs to be prepped and ready to deliver quality items in a timely manner. With companies like Amazon and Walmart raising the stakes, customer expectations are high, and the only way to provide a great customer experience is to manage each aspect of service from production to delivery.

Keep everyone in the loop

Communicate not only with your staff, but also your 3PL provider to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect based on previous holidays. An increase in packaging, warehouse picks, and shipments should be on everyone’s radar so orders are delivered to customers as promised. With the truck driver shortage, advanced planning can make or break your holiday season, so make sure everyone is ready.

Only make promises you can keep

If there’s a chance you can’t get it there on-time, don’t promise that you can. Returns and bad reviews can cost your business a lot, so do what you can to avoid both. Set clear expectations, and go the extra mile to ensure your customers get what they want, and on-time. Some customers may be willing to take a slower delivery if it costs less money or provides some other incentive, so look for opportunities to make things easier on your logistics process, while offering customers additional options.

Customer communication is king

In most supply chains, the last mile is where most customer experiences go wrong. You can help minimize delivery issues by providing customers with more options. When customers can choose and/or change their delivery options, they will make more of an effort to ensure someone is available to take delivery. Additionally, providing text or email notifications can keep the customer informed as to where their package is, and when it’s delivered.

Everyone on your business and logistics team should be involved in the planning and management of keeping your customer experience at it’s best. Creating an efficient logistics stream and providing quality service can keep costs down while adding service. But, you need to be proactive in your approach, and be ready to adapt as the season hits.

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