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One Stop Supply Chain Shopping

We’ve all heard about one stop shopping. There’s the one stop pawn shop. The one stop gadget shop. And of course, the one stop party shop. But did you ever consider developing a long term relationship with a one stop supply chain shop?

One stop shopping is all about convenience, on first glance. But there’s so much more under the surface. The following partial list reveals more benefits of one stop shopping from one supply chain provider:

  • You order services from one company. It’s nice to be familiar with one company to achieve your supply chain needs.

  • You develop a long-term relationship with the same people already familiar with what’s important to you regarding your supply chain requirements.

  • You develop familiarity of supply chain company brand. This gives you peace of mind when using their services.

  • When you order services, you know what to expect. This helps build loyalty with your customers because you can deliver products when you promised them.

  • Makes budgeting easier because you already have the research done on costs with a one stop shopping supply chain source.

  • Can be focused on specific types of customers giving you the unique advantage of supply chain expertise for your specific supply chain market needs.

  • May be able to provide customers with decreased time-to-market.

  • Can offer you unique cost-savings because of working with one company, unavailable from several different companies who may not offer exactly the same benefits when compared to just one company.

  • Can give their customers access to a larger expertise and creativity pool.

  • One-stop supply chain shops can bundle a broad range of services together, saving you money when using their services.

  • One stop supply chain companies can help you achieve your trucking, warehousing and packaging goals more reliably by assigning the same company representative to your account.

  • One stop shopping with one supply chain company eliminates the frustration of having to deal with and manage several different service providers and/or suppliers all with similar but different service systems

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