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What do you need when it comes to a supply chain services company? You probably need and want an experienced, reliable, reputable resource. Your products must get to market on time and within your budget.

When shopping for a way to deliver the promises you made to your customers, think about how to be proactive. Centralizing supply chain services, helps you proactively be in touch with all aspects of your trucking, warehousing and packaging needs.

Advantages to 3PLs

What's your time schedule like? Crazy busy? Stress-driven? Problem-driven? Let's face it. Time is money. Truth is, it's an inconvenience to contract with three separate companies for your warehousing, shipping and packaging needs. They probably all have different software programs that don't integrate with each other.

Once your products are packaged, it's probably unrealistic to expect your packaging company to send your products to be warehoused or shipped, right? You or a company employee has to do that part of the supply chain transaction. Taking care of each step of the supply chain process can be time consuming. Is that actually the most cost-effective way to use an employee's time?

If you've got product in a warehouse separate from your trucking and packaging vendor, you've got to contact the warehouse to check inventory levels of your wares before you can ship something. What if there is a stock discrepancy with your inventory? That's more time you have to spend trying to fix that. And like you and I already know, time is money.

3Pls provide a centralized approach to warehousing, shipping and packaging. Imagine how much more cost-effective your day is being able to talk with one company for all your supply chain activities. That's the kind of thing that helps you sleep well at night.

Here are some common things that can be problems when it comes to warehousing. Can you relate to them?

  • Insufficient warehouse space

  • Slow Picking Processes

  • Stock Discrepancies

  • Warehouse Slotting Problems

  • Safety issues

The best 3PLs already have a system in place to minimize warehousing challenges such as those listed above. Streamlining the logistics of your company not only will bring your peace of mind - but can improve your customers experience as well. After all, getting their purchase of your products to them quickly and cost effectively is exactly what you and your customer want.

Simplify Your Supply Chain with Total Distribution, Inc.

Total Distribution offers expertise in all areas of supply chain management and third party logistics. If you need trucking, warehousing, packaging and/or staffing services, contact us first to learn more about our rates, services and what we can offer you as one of the best third party logistics companies in Jacksonville, Florida and the Southeast.



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