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Outsourcing a Supply Chain

What is Third Party Logistics? It is an outsourcing activity related to logistics and distribution for retail goods. Why do especially retail manufacturing businesses need logistics? It is by using efficient logistics that manufacturers can get their products to end destinations and their markets. Without 3PL Logistics Companies to support those who manufacture goods, products would be manufactured but how would customers buy products?

A large part of logistics includes trucking or shipping. With their being a truck driver shortage, efficient and effective logistics strategies are more important than ever. Now that ELD is a required compliance for truck drivers, the system of logistics may be deeply challenged. Should ELD stay or, is it going to cause the logistics process to collapse? Time will tell.

The process of outsourcing logistics and distribution activities to 3PL Logistics Companies keeps the world economically sound. It simply makes good business sense to outsource logistics to third party companies. Why? They support commerce.

Now imagine for a moment that a manufacturing company also does all the packaging, warehousing and shipping activities. There are thousands of technical details when it comes to logistics. A manufacturing expert who specializes in manufacturing products would simply have little or no time to learn everything about logistics to also market and get to that market manufactured products.

No one company can do all jobs necessary to create, invent and manufacture a product AND engage all the applicable logistics steps to distribute the manufactured product to customers. Trying to do it all would be too exhausting. That’s why knowing your limitations and working with them when it comes to manufacturing products and then getting them to your market helps you succeed in business.

Benefits of Outsourcing

You as a company benefit by hiring 3PL Logistics Companies to ship, package and/or warehouse your manufactured goods. The following outlines just some of the benefits of using outsourcing distribution activities:

  • outsource provider manages all or large percentage of an organization’s logistics requirements

  • in addition to providing packaging, warehousing and product transportation, an outsource provider can also manage a client’s inbound freight

  • an outsource provider can deal with customs issues

  • an outsource provider can deal withorder fulfillment and any issues about it (as appropriate)

  • an outsource provider can manage outbound freight and any outbound freight issues to a client’s customers.

The world needs logistics. It’s what keeps goods moving globally!

Simplify Your Supply Chain with Grimes Logistics

The Grimes Companies offer expertise in all areas of supply chain management and 3rd party logistics. If you need trucking, warehousing, packaging and/or staffing services, contact us first to learn more about our rates, services and what we can offer you as one of the best third party logistics companies in Jacksonville, Florida and the whole Southeast.



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