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People have been conditioned to expect fast delivery for their goods. Online shoppers, mentally trained to expect their goods quickly, may be stressing the US logistics system. Some people say Amazon is mainly to blame for conditioning consumers to expect almost immediate delivery for their goods. But no matter who came up with the idea, retailers are betting big for delivery services to increase speed even more! Think about how this might be stressing the logistics system.

With the trucking shortage already stressed to the max, think about the people who drive trucks. Truck drivers now may be eligible for incentives including free tuition to truck driving schools. Some supply chain companies needing truck drivers offer this incentive (among others) to drive their trucks. But, increased money to attract people to drive trucks financially stresses company budgets.

It’s true that increased costs are passed on to others so companies can remain profitable. But it’s still added stress. How are truck drivers, admin, warehouse workers, packaging specialists and all the people who work in supply chain being negatively affected by being asked to do more?

Being away from family to work more also negatively affects personal health. The added stress of poor diet and insufficiently exercising to maintain wellness causes all kinds of health issues for people. How much more can people take?

Fast Delivery Affects All Supply Chain Aspects

Shoppers’ expectations for near-instant gratification (i.e. fast delivery of goods) affects warehousing and packaging as it does the trucking aspect of supply chain. Personnel involved in warehouse stores now are seeing an increase in store foot traffic as retailers now let online shoppers pick up their orders at the store. This might seem like a good thing for customer service agents and order pickers’ paychecks.

However, impatient customers picking up orders can stress customer service agents out. Are companies incorporating effective stress management courses to accommodate fast delivery effects in all aspects of supply chain workers? There is, after all, more to life than work! If you feel negatively affected by too much stress, consider what you might do to decrease that stress. Share those ideas with your company HR person. Stress reduction in logistics will help everyone.

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