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In a customer advisory, COSCO focused on informing clients of a temporary shut down due to a cyber attack. Shutting down the carrier's customer service phone lines and emails in the Americas, COSCO discreetly worked quickly to repair damage caused by cyber thieves. Becoming a cyber news headline triggered their damage control contingency plan to become effective.

Following procedures already in place in the case of such an event, damage control to one of the world's largest shipping lines worked. What can logistics companies everywhere learn from this? Prepare ahead with your own contingency plan in the event your company becomes a cyber news headline, too.

Above all, keep details sparse to the public. As in every loss prevention program, the less said, the better to keep security working.

Prevent Being a Headline

Unfortunately, cyber crime happens. Now a part of business, e-commerce can be targeted at any time from anywhere. What can you do to protect your company’s ability to safely communicate? Invest in the expertise of “ethical hackers” and other cyber professionals here to provide high levels of cyber security.

What’s the best thing you as a company can do to prevent being a cyber news headline? Take proactive measures to make sure your computer networks have the best preventative firewalls already in place BEFORE an attack can happen.

Yes, it’s true that virtually any computer system can be hacked. However, by staying on top of the latest and most effective protection technology, you may dodge a commercial bullet.

Shielding your company must be done BEFORE anything happens. That means, having the right attitude about accepting your logistics company needs to be protected from these people. That means budgeting for high quality IT people.

You can’t always know where this digital criminal element is. However, you can be smart by being prepared for them to defend your networks before they get hacked. Also, having a contingency plan, much like the military who trains “in the event of” attacks, helps your company’s recovery.

There is no time like the present to train and plan for a cyber attack. COSCO already had in place that plan. Does your company?

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