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Have you ever decorated a tree with colored lights? If you have the old-fashioned string of lights, when one light is loose, it prevents the entire light set from working. Why is that? Because the string’s design relies on the entire string clearly communicating and working for the common cause of staying lit. The supply chain for your unique business works in much the same way. Each segment of how your business successfully functions relies on all of the segments cooperatively working together.

An Effective Supply Chain For Your Unique Business

What is your business dream? To feel like everything’s okay in your work. This happens when each segment that keeps your business rhythmically running does so effectively. So, how are you feeling about your business? Everything feel okay? If not, look at your supply chain model.

Imagine watching a juggler juggling scarves. He or she throws up one scarf after another without dropping even one of them. The rhythm to successfully juggle scarves, knives, balls, kitchen tables, etc., is a part of your working supply chain model. Like dancers who move in a way that looks effortless, THAT same coordination keeps your business running profitably.

What must you do to know what individual movements keep breathing life into your business? Viewing your company under a microscope. That means, writing down on paper how all the parts of your business work. Often, these parts change. So, it’s good to review your model occasionally. The supply chain for your unique business doesn’t follow a “one-size-fits-all” model. Each profession/industry has distinct nuances to it. It is beneficial to you and every company employee to know how to be a forward moving contributor. Each working step to effectively serve your, your customer’s, your employee’s, your service provider’s needs, wants and desires keep your business profitable.

Now that you know more about how to troubleshoot, what’s already working for your business? All the components to your business success begins with your knowledge and support of an effectively working supply chain!

Simplify Your Supply Chain with Grimes Logistics

The Grimes Companies offer expertise in all areas of supply chain management and 3rd party logistics. If you need trucking, warehousing, packaging and/or staffing services, contact us first to learn more about our rates, services and what we can offer you as one of the best third party logistics companies in Jacksonville, Florida and the whole Southeast.



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